16 April 2016

So you’ve decided you want to get your property on the market. You’ve spoken to a few agents and after getting three to four different appraisals, you’re confident who you want to list with. Great work so far, but unless you keep your property display-home schmick, here are at least five key things to do, before you have your first home open.

1. Maintain inner workings.  If there is a flicking light, a dripping tap, a broken window or a cracked cornice, this all screams “zero care factor”.  If you don’t care, why would the buyer?  They’ll likely lowball if they make an offer at all because they’ll be scared about the stuff they can’t see lurking behind the scenes. A well maintained home provides for higher levels of confidence and buyers in this current market need confidence.


2. Sort out your street appeal. First impressions begin at the verge.  If the front of your house is unkempt, the lawn overgrown with weeds, the fence has pickets missing, the street number hanging on by a thread or even just cob webs covering outdoor light fittings, you’ve immediately turned buyers off or possibly worse, they’ve moved your home mentally into a lower price bracket.  Sort it out,  tuck the bins around the side, tidy up the garden, clean the outside of the house and keep it maintained for the duration of the sales process because buyers are driving past at all times, all hours of the day and night and making purchase decisions outside of the home-open times.


3. Depersonalise the place. It’s very difficult for potential buyers to imagine living in your home if there are loads of personal items, nik-naks and photos everywhere. Your favourite well-worn lazyboy is not going to charm a buyer like it does you at the end of a hard day. In fact the opposite is true, so it’s best to declutter a lot of furniture as well. Too much extra stuff will make a room feel small. When selling, excess furniture and personal items need to be stored away so buyers start to see themselves living in your home.


4. Get it clean and bright.  Cleaning is not fun, but the effort pays off because a clean home suggests a committed and invested homeowner, which is shorthand for meticulously maintained. And if you have the time, a lick of light neutral paint can add thousands to a final sale price.  


5. Style and Stage. A spare room full of junk and boxes is not going to float any buyer’s boat, equally an empty room that is lifeless, is not memorable and frankly just depressing. That spare room is an opportunity to open a buyers’ mind to the home’s potential and show them what their life might look like in your property. It’s critically important to think of the potential buyers’ needs so stage the room with hired furniture and get some contemporary soft furnishings to lift the house into the current interiors style trend. 


StylingHouse has a tried and tested formula developed to ensure the first impression is a memorable impression so you’ll get maximum buyer interest to achieve a great result.

25 March, 2016

It’s super simple to transform a boring wall into a living gallery. You can either use some of your best photo memories or grab some simple graphic artwork from an art store or even Ikea.  Here are the three steps.

1. Mix it up
For graphic consistency, choose a collection of frames with a similar shapes and finishes and throw in some quirky wall decorator items too. I recommend a mix of neutral woods, black and white and it’s also ok to mix mono and colour images to add to the interest.

2. Map it out
Start by laying out all of the frames and décor pieces on the floor. Trace each one on kraft paper and cut out the shapes. Arrange and tape the pieces to the wall with Blutack so as not to damage your wall. It’s easiest to start with the largest frame and work down to the smallest. Stand back, check your work and keep moving things around until you’ve got the right composition.

3. Nail it
Once you’re happy with the arrangement, mark the edges of each element and a hole for where the hook will go. If you are not great with a drill, try using the picture hanging tapes by 3M, they work a treat and get a totally flush finish. Remove the kraft paper and hang each piece in its place.
Instant Cool. Enjoy!

Interesting gallery wall

6 March 2016

We often think of lights as fixtures that we're stuck with forever. Well think again.

When we install a new light, we get in the electrician to work out the wiring and sometimes there are tricky conduits that need to be cut in or dimers that need to be adjusted. Yep - all stuff you shouldn't try at home under the DIY banner. for installation and wiring,, always use a licensed electrician.
But when it comes to the light fixture itself, there is no limit to the amount of fun you can have with regular refreshes or upgrades.

When I was renovating my first home, I found myself in lighting stores often, not only because I had lots of decisions around lighting to make, but also because I just loved being in them. So many times I would go in thinking I knew what I wanted and whilst browsing through all the options, new ideas kept popping into my head for new room makeovers. Lighting stores are great idea generators. 
I have started a couple of ideabooks on my houzz profile and welcome you to visit for some inspiration. Or why not pop down to your nearest lighting shop to get the ideas flowing?

Styling on a budget
29 February 2016

Renovation and Home Design

You don’t need to spend a bomb to update a room. In fact I am regularly impressed by the simplicity and cost effectiveness of the homewares range in Target, BigW and Kmart and unashamed to say I have styled a whole spare room of a home with exactly that.

You can have a lot of fun updating a room for under $200 and get a complete makeover. The latest Big W catalogue has a bunch of great ideas to update your bedroom, at terrifically reasonable prices and they even show you how to put it all together.

Cover big W catalogue

Four easy room styling ideas
16 February 2016

Sometimes the simplest of ideas can inspire real change in a room. Try these four easy-to-implement ideas in your home for an instant room makeover. 

A touch of organic matter
​When you add a splash of nature to a room it brings a freshness unmatched by other design or styling elements. No need to spend a fortune on cut flowers, simply find something from the garden. Either clip a few branches or even a just single stem and pop in a vase. It makes a huge difference by bringing life into the room.


Throw on soft furnishings
A very quick way to soften a room or to make it feel more cosy is to add soft furnishings such as cushions, mats, rugs or a throw. Choose contrasting textures or colours and scatter in a relaxed fashion. With a throw, drape over the back or side of a chair or sofa. It instantly gives people permission to relax in the room. With cushions, keep it mixed up. Different shapes and colours stacked or layered, in my opinion is better than like soldiers standing side by side.


Add some light
A dark corner of a room is like a black hole and will suck the whole room with its gravitational pull. Add a lamp or candles or even a mirror, which can reflect the natural light from windows or doorways. By adding the light you are converting the gloomy spot to a place much more visually interesting.


Create interest for the eye 
A coffee table or bench can very easily become a block of solid nothingness and can weigh down a room. By taking a few interesting objects of different heights and textures, you can break up the surface and instantly create some interest with negative and positive space.